Full Service Breastfeeding Support for You and Your Baby

Have friends or family told you that breastfeeding is supposed to be “natural” and you will “just know what to do?”

Has anyone said that it’s “normal” if breastfeeding hurts and you just need to “toughen up your nipples?”

I don’t want to be the one to say they’re wrong, but…

If you’re feeling like breastfeeding is anything but simple, you’ve come to the right place!

Reasons to see an IBCLC:

  • Painful breastfeeding

  • Concerns about weight gain

  • pumping

  • low milk supply

  • tongue/lip tie

  • oversupply

  • baby transitioning from NICU to home

  • Twins/multiples

  • Baby fussy at breast

  • Reflux

  • suppplementing

  • plugged milk ducts

  • Mastitis or thrush

  • past breast surgeries

  • Breastfeeding an adopted baby

  • inducing lactation


Prenatal Lactation Consults

Pregnancy is the perfect time to start thinking about breastfeeding. Scheduling a prenatal consult means you will get 1-2 hours of personalized breastfeeding education where you can ask any questions you have before your baby arrives.

It’s also really helpful to make an early connection with someone who can help with breastfeeding so you know who to call if you need support.

If you have:

  • Previous breastfeeding experiences that didn’t go how you hoped

  • Any chronic health conditions

  • A high risk pregnancy

  • A history of previous breast surgery

    Or just want to know allllllll the things, let’s get together sooner rather than later!


Postpartum Lactation Consults

It’s a good idea for us to meet shortly after your baby is born, sometime during the first week, especially if you’re having pain or your baby is struggling with weight gain.

If your baby is no longer a newborn and you could use some extra help, that’s okay too! Postpartum visits are great for any age and stage of breastfeeding, including when you’re preparing to go back to work.

During our 1-2 hour appointment, I will gather information and listen to your story. I want to hear all your concerns and what is and isn’t working for you. I also want to know what things you’d like to be different and what your hopes are for breastfeeding. Everyone’s goals are different, and that’s okay!

Things to expect during a lactation consult:

  • weighing the baby before and after a feeding

  • assessment of mother’s anatomy

  • assessment of baby’s anatomy (tongue, lips, etc)

  • observation of a full feeding

  • trying new techniques and positions

  • education about any tools you are using (pillows, pump, nipple shield, etc)

  • a care plan for you to use at home

  • referrals to other providers, if needed

It’s important to know that breastfeeding isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience and it is normal to have new questions arise as time goes on. Follow-up consults are always available and recommended!