Happy Clients Make My Day


“I don’t know what would have happened to my breastfeeding relationship with my daughter if Tatiana hadn’t helped us out. I called her a little over a week after my baby was born (after having taken her class a week before she was born). At 11 days, she came to my house and sat with me for an hour. She checked her latch, weight, our position, and talked to me about a condition called DMER that I was experiencing. She recommended we see a pediatrician specializing in lip ties which was a great call. Fixing my baby’s tie really changed how she nursed, and her spending that time with me, and being available to me, made the transition into motherhood just a little easier. It was great to know that I had her as an expert and as a support person. She helped me find my confidence as a nursing mother. My baby is now 2 ½ and our breastfeeding relationship is still going strong. I really appreciate what a knowledgeable and compassionate IBCLC Tatiana is.”

— C.

“As a birth doula, I am continuously interacting with mothers and babies. I help out with breastfeeding quite a bit, but sometimes a situation is outside of my scope of practice and/or my knowledge base.

Every family I have referred to Tatiana has been pleased with her. She is absolutely knowledgeable and professional, and is astonishingly compassionate. I never worry when a client has Tatiana on her team.

Tatiana looks at the big picture and works to meet my clients where they are at and makes an individualized plan to get them where they want to go. Baby’s health is never compromised and mother’s recovery is always taken in to account.

I do not hesitate to recommend Tatiana to any family that is in need of breastfeeding information and support.”

— C.


“I came to see Tatiana when I was having a hard time breastfeeding. She was willing to spend as much time as I needed and I saw her several times in the first few weeks. She even emailed and texted me along the way.

After a few sessions and watching me and watching me breastfeed, she recommended I see a Dr. who specialized in tongue tie. My own Dr. had examined my daughter and concluded that she had no tongue tie. But Tatiana even noticed in a picture of my daughter that her tongue didn’t touch the roof of her mouth when she cried. So I convinced my doctor to give me a reference to the specialist and he diagnosed her with a mild tongue tie and a high palate.

Without Tatiana, we never would’ve had a proper diagnosis. By this time I had pumped and bottled fed my baby for 6 weeks. Tatiana was so supportive and helpful in getting me a hospital grade pump so I could have a chance to give my baby as much breast milk as I could.

She was supportive, caring, and understanding through my difficult journey, but it all paid off with a healthy and happy 3 year old. Thanks, Tatiana!”

— J.

“Tatiana single-handedly turned my breastfeeding experience around! I had a very hard time getting the hang of nursing my firstborn. After several days, I was cracked and bleeding on both sides, and in excruciating pain with every nursing session. A week after she was born, my daughter had lost a lot of weight, and our pediatrician was threatening to give her emergency supplementation.

My midwife recommended Tatiana and I met with her the next morning. Within an hour, she had figured out the problem and gotten us through our first pain-free nursing session. My daughter started gaining weight rapidly, and we went on to nurse happily for 18 months.

Tatiana always made herself available for follow-up phone calls or questions. She was an invaluable resource. I felt very confident about nursing when my second child was born, and it was such a relief to know that Tatiana would be there if I needed her again. I recommend her to everyone I can!”

— L.