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Boundaries for Stressed Out Parents
Anxiety | Postpartum

Boundaries for Stressed Out Parents

Every day I talk to women and parents who are tired, stressed, burned out, depleted, and feel like they are on a never ending hamster wheel they can’t get off of. They are often trying to juggle multiple responsibilities at the same time and feel a tremendous amount of pressure to do it all perfectly. Everything feels like a priority but they are stretched so thin they rarely feel successful at anything. They feel resentful and overwhelmed, are having problems in their relationships, and feel guilty when they take any time for themselves. I have experienced this too, so when I hear their stories, I feel it in my soul how painful it is! So what can be done? How do we get off the people pleasing, never ending exhaustion, merry-go-round? We learn to have boundaries!

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    Hi, I’m Tatiana! Owner of North Star wellness and a Certified Perinatal Mental Health therapist. Here to help you work through life’s challenges, parental stress and the effects of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

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