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International Lactation Consultant Association, Member

United States Lactation Consultant Association, Member

National Association of Social Workers, Member

Postpartum Support International, Coordinator

what is an ibclc?

IBCLCs are healthcare professionals that specialize in the clinical management of breastfeeding. To learn more, visit here.

Tatiana Daughtrey Coffman, LMSW, IBCLC

My journey into the field of women's health and wellness began over 16 years ago when, as a new mother, I was fortunate to begin attending La Leche League meetings and experienced first-hand how important and powerful it can be to have the support of other women while adjusting to the role of motherhood.

Those early experiences informed my desire to help other mothers as I had been helped, and in 2006 I became an accredited La Leche League Leader and volunteer mother-to-mother peer supporter. 


In 2009, I completed the requirements to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and have had the privilege of providing breastfeeding support in diverse settings including my private practice, an outpatient hospital facility, and a community health center.

My work with postpartum women inspired me to earn a graduate degree in social work and become a therapist so that I could better meet the needs of my clients. My training in both social work and lactation provides me with a comprehensive skill set and the ability to provide an expanded level of support to clients.

I have advanced training and experience in the areas of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, women’s health, parenting, and chronic illness. I work with clients on a wide range of topics that many mothers and families experience, particularly during pregnancy, postpartum, and the early parenting years.

Midwives, hospital lactation consultants, and friends told us his latch was good. We were told he was just a slow gainer. But when my sweet, patient, trusting baby started decreasing in the number of wet diapers at 9 weeks old, I knew we needed help immediately.

In one consult, Tatiana diagnosed both an upper and a posterior tongue tie. We got him clipped as quickly as we could. Unfortunately, we had waited so long to find the solution, that my milk supply was permanently decreased.

With patience, conviction, and support, Tatiana helped me maximize what I did have, and we went on to successfully nurse from 10 weeks to almost 3 years old.

I cannot thank Tatiana enough for being so caring and supportive. She is a wealth of resources, and you just know you are in good hands with her.
— J

About North Star Wellness


The North Star has long been relied upon as a source of guidance and navigation. It is a constant fixture in an ever-changing sky and, even when there are storms or clouds that obscure its view, eventually, the North Star becomes visible again.

The mission of North Star Wellness is to provide support to clients using a compassionate, strengths-based approach that assists individuals and families as they work through challenges and find their own version of a "North Star."

In addition to being a symbol of support, "North Star Wellness" pays tribute to my dear sister Astrid, who passed away in 2015 from complications of Type 1 Diabetes. Her name means “divine beauty and strength” and some sources state it is Old Norse for “star.” While she is no longer physically with her loved ones, Astrid will forever be my personal North Star: a never-ending source of light, guidance, beauty, and strength.